Netflix has been releasing a lot of shows lately, some are new originals and some are the continuation of the already released. One such show is the Space Force. The season 1 of the series has released and the audience, as well as the critics, gave it a mixed review. Apparently the situation here is they didn’t like it very much. Here we are going to see what is wrong with the series and why people did not appreciate it the way the did for the first season of the show.

The reviews for the show are average by both the critics and the audience. The high profile comedy of Steve Carell/Greg Daniels did not work this time. Space Force season 1 released on Netflix this weekend and people don’t seem to like it much.

Space Force

Talking about the ratings the critics gave Season 1 a 39% on Rotten Tomatoes. This is a very low rating when the series is a Netflix original. In general, also the rating is very low as per a series. Usually, any series scores more than 60% on television there. When coming to fans and audience they seem a bit disappointed by the series. They have given the season 1 a rating of 6.9/10 on IMDB. Comparatively to critics, this seems a bit fair rating.

Netflix is very particular about the shows they put as trending. Usually, any series which has made the debut on the platform remains in the top and trending list for a week or so and then the list gets renewed.

Coming back to Space Force, the show has remained in the top 10 spots for about a week now. Seems like it is going to be on the same spot for a while. For any show on Netflix to remain in the top listed, they don’t have to be good all the time, being watched also matters.

Space Force is one of a kind and Netflix has invested a lot in it. It was a tough job to bring Steve Carell to re-team with The Office’s Greg Daniels for a series. Assembling a truly massive comedy cast around him is one among them. All that work will be in vain if the season just lasts for a five hour season. Hopefully, the series is going to get a second season for the series. Despite the awful reviews audience will love to watch The Office star back with his light-hearted acting.

The Space force series is not so bad as they never run out of amazing adventures and comic plots. Hence this series will definitely be getting a second season and no one could stop it. The entire series is filled with exciting events that revolve around the lead Mark. Mark’s life is constantly in turbulence with unfavorable situations, obstacles, and some funny-screw ups.

Trailer for season 2

The official trailer for season 2 has not been out yet. Even though some people didn’t like the show that much but they will definitely give it a shot to know what is going to happen next. The release date of the show has not been confirmed yet. Obviously, due to the ongoing pandemic, we can expect the delay in shooting. Hence the season is not coming anytime soon. Probably the season 2 will be released in 2021.

For all those who loved the show here is an interesting fact, the first season of the show was shot in just four months, so calculating the waiting time. Once the pandemic is over it won’t take much longer for the second season as well.



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