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Soon TikTok Will Not Going To Come Under Chinese Ownership


Good news for the people of India as in the near future TikTok is going to appear again in the Google App Store. We have come to know through the sources that TikTok is going to shift its HQ in London, and the company is discussing with the UK authorities for shifting their head office in London. It has been more than 2 to 3 months that they are discussing with the UK authorities. And all this is happening because they want to end their relationship with China. As per the information they want China not to have even a small part of ownership.

TikTok HQ Shifting From China

The company is engaged in talks with the UK government but there are no judgments passed until now. But it is confirmed that the company will definitely be going to shift its head office from China as they have a big audience in India. And if they want to enter again they have to remove shift their HQ from China.

It is not that shifting HQ in London is the only suggestion but it is their prime consideration. If they will not get the permit then they have to find another place for their main office. A few months before, the company has hired Kevin Mayer to be CEO of TikTok. As per the information, we have come to know that China will definitely force the TikTok company to redirect users’ data as the company is organized by ByteDance. ByteDance is developed from China in 2016.

The information directly provided by the company indicates that they are looking towards problems that occurred in the USA over the previous months. They further told that their main motive is to shift their almost workplace out from China. And their main priority is London. There are several places where they will shift their workforce as well in the near future soon.

We want to inform all our readers that as per the information given by “The Sunday Times”, the company has ended all the conversations with the UK government for setting up their head office. But according to other sources, we have come to know that the company is still talking with the authorities. We would like to tell all our readers that as soon as we get the authentic information regarding this, we will update this article, and inform you about it. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates regarding TikTok HQ.

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