The spoilers for the Solo Leveling Chapter 157 has been leaked online and we are here to update you on what the fans have been expecting and what are all the leaks that have happened, this is a disclaimer for the people who don’t want to know about the spoilers that this article is going to be containing the spoilers for this week.

Solo Leveling Chapter 157 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 157 Release Date

The week has been something else for the fans of Solo Leveling Chapter 157 as this week they saw the postponed of chapter 156 as it was going to be released in mid of June but the makers had to delay the chapter as the author was facing a poor health condition at the time, and it seems like that the show is going to be back with regular releases and the fans are pretty eager to what is going to happen in the new chapter as the week is going to be pretty exciting because Thomas Andre is going to be facing off with the Beast naming Monarch.

  • The next chapter is going to be available on 7th July Wednesday.

Solo Leveling Chapter 157 Reddit Spoilers and Leaks:-

Andre is going to be fighting with all of his strength as he is going to be facing the Beast Monarch who is mysteriously powerful and that includes the demolition and capture of the reinforced attacks. The beast Monarch is going to get surprised by the power of Thomas as he is going to state even though he is of Brilliant Light of Fragment, he has managed to draw an astonishing amount of power which is pretty impressive.

But it seems like Andre is going to notice as if something is not right as the appearance of the beast Monarch is going to change, his hair is going to grow to extreme lengths and is going to turn all white and even his fangs and nails are going to grow out as a devastating weapon.

and from this point onwards the situation got really troublesome for Andre as the fight is not going to be evenly matched from this point in time as Andre is going to be struggling against the powerful attacks that the Beast is going to throw at him and it came to a point when it became more painful for Andre but then Lennart Niermann came to the rescue.


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