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Sofia Abramovich Instagram: Daughter Makes Anti-Putin Post On Instagram


Sofia Abramovich Instagram: Daughter Makes Anti-Putin Post On Instagram: In an account of the Ukraine invasion, people are taking over the social platforms and sharing their own opinions about the condition in Russia and Ukraine. Hence in this blog, with the Sofia Abramovich action she took on her social media platform and this action of her side is now making her scattering all over the web or interest. She is the daughter of a famous person, Roman Abramovich. She posted or shared anti-Putin and anti-war on their official Instagram account, in regards to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sofia Abramovich Instagram

Sofia Abramovich Daughter Instagram Post Explained

She is just 27 years old and is now staying with her mother as her parents were divorced in 2007. She is a youth and is also known all over the world for voicing her options in the recent situation going on between Russia and Ukraine. A president of Russia passed his order to his military forces for invading Ukraine on Thursday. After which h there are hundreds of the Ukrabibes were reported dead, which raised a wave of anger among the Ukrainians.


How Sofia posted her Instagram story which is now become the topic for discussion all over the web and social media platforms. Her graphic has been appeared to show her anger against Vladimir. She posted a graphic which is consist of “Putin wants a war with Ukraine.”

Abramovich is the owner of the Chelsea, who was back to the Britains even after being barred from it. A billionaire of Russia has withdrawn his application for a British tier1 investor visa in the year 2018 and there are delays in his applications. It arrived after a complaint of Russian oligarchs in the wake of the Salisbury poisonings.


It is seen that a security source has given a claim which is not that a 55-year-old will ever receive an allowance to live in Britain again. Abramovich was anointed by MPs on Tuesday as one of 35 oligarchs determined by Russian opponent commander Alexei Navalny as the ‘key enablers’ of the ‘kleptocracy’ run by president Vladimir Putin.

Sofia Abramovich Instagram:-

You may also visit her Instagram account with the handle @sofiaabromovich97 and she has enough amount of followers on it. The feed is jammed up with her pictures. Her story now becomes headlines on it. This is her aggression against the president which is so obvious.

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