The world is full of wonders and every day the news is encountered with new surprises which are sometimes difficult to believe. Another wonder of this kind attracts the attention of the world towards itself. Most of you heard about Soborno Issac Bari who is the youngest professor internationally and people often knew him as a modern time Einstein. This little genius is just 8 years old and a professor who is a Bengali-American mastermind. Bari wrote a book that goal is to lay out peace and happiness. Through this blog, we are sharing all the information about this little champ including its Wiki, Parents, Education, Age, and many others.

Soborno Isaac Bari

Soborno Isaac Bari Biography, Wikipedia

Soborno has begun to talk at the age of just 6 months. When he was 2 years old he used to solve maths, Chemistry, and Physics equations. He also gave an interview on the reality show Voice Of America. Soborno is the youngest professor globally Soborno is received the appellation of “Issac” after the prominent scientist SIR ISSAC NEWTON. Later on, his name occurred “Soborno Issac Bari”.

He was born on 9th April 2012 and currently his age is 9 years. He completed his schooling at New York School. His father’s name is Rashidul Bari and by profession, he is a Mathematician. His mother’s name is Shaheda Bari. Bari has also written a book “The Love”. He is just 8 years old and the youngest Bengali-American genius.

  • Real Name – Soborno Issac Bari
  • Occupation – Youngest professor internationally
  • Famous For – An eighth years old and youngest Bengali-American genius
  • Date of Birth – 9th April 2012
  • Age – 9 years Old
  • Mother Tongue- Bengali
  • School Name- New York School
  • Net Worth- $3 -$5 Million
  • Birth Place – Bangladesh
  • Residence – Bangladesh
  • Nationality- Bangladeshi

Soborno Isaac Bari Award

Soborno Issac Bari received Global Child Prodigy Award. This award is the only organization that recognizes talents internationally. This organization gave the awards in the category likes music, painting, writing, music, social work and many other fields. He received the award in January 2020.



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