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Soap Opera General Hospital Spoilers For July 12 Episode: Truth and Consequences


“General Hospital” an American soap opera, which has been highly cherished by the audience. The serial mainly focuses on the Quartermaine family of the town of Port Charles. Basically, it is d which going on in the general hospital. The dram is consists of fun, comedy, and arguments. This is the most entertaining Drama. The characters of the series have been changed but if we talk about the Quartermaine then they are the same. In the thick, of the drama, the spoilers will be going to show the character, Nina.

Soap Opera General Hospital Spoilers

Soap Opera General Hospital Spoilers

The spoilers of General Hospital of July 12, are showing spoilers that Ninna is stuck in the thick of the sisters and ready to face the battle. It is said to be difficult whether Nina will going to leave or stay in Port Charles or will she tun out of her secret life living with Smike. Whereas if we see her struggle then she is working hard to keep her both lives separated but it isn’t going to be easy for her to live like this forever.

Nina is going through harsh feelings and she is fighting with her own thoughts internally. Her internal conflict is about choosing one life. On the other, in GH we will be going to see she keeps living the same life and nothing changes. Later she moves to help Curtis. At the ending of the last week, Phyllis got into a heated ‘argument with Mike to go to Nina, but it is still pending and yet t seen will Mike return to Port Charles. On the other sied when Maxie reach to Nina with the expectations for the right advice, hence she hadn’t any issue providing it.

Nina will we see going against Brook Lynn. After this the secret reveals. Ninna gets to know about the baby of Brook Lynn and then she takes the decision to keep it safe as a secret to her. Nina gets to know that Brook Lynn cheated Valentine fo for the financial purpose by creating a fake pregnancy and also did these things for the sake of Maxie’s baby. Now Nina is completely aware of the truth of Brook Lynn.

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