Snowdrop Viewership Ratings: There are two most romantic drams that are clashing, “Snowdrop” and “Now We Are Breaking Up”. As both are doing great but still there has been a slight difference in their ratings. Many of you are getting confused, which one is at the dip in the ratings as both are doing great. So in this article below, we will be going to update you on the rating dip. Let’s not delay anymore and jump into the article below. Follow More Update On

Snowdrop Viewership Ratings

Snowdrop Viewership Ratings

If we talk about the ratings of the “Now We Are Breaking Up”, scored an average nationwide rating of 6.7 percent. It has become the most-watched drama in Korea. The theme song of the drama is so amazing and also going to be engaged the viewers. While it has been now at the and of it. It has been the most-watched serial of Saturday and the viewers of this drama have been between 20 to 49 with whom they had been earned the average percentage of 3.5 ratings. This show has a fan following from all around the world and they were even going to miss it as it is now at the end. While they are scene searching whether there will another season of it.

Snowdrop Viewership Ratings 2022

Let’s talk about the “Snowdrop” its rating has been dip nationwide to 2.6 ratings. The rating was higher than this before this. It has been said that the graph of the show is following down as the lead actress of it has been passed away and many other fans are so disheartened with this. And just after her death, the makers have to bring another accepted in her placement and that is what hit the graph of it. And they even have to make changes in the plot also.

Snowdrop also has an audience worldwide and this time also will ging to make more viewers. But all they have is to just keep up with the flow. Well, there is a positive thing for the serial now as the “Now We Are Breaking Up” is almost ended now the audience of it will going to be a shift to this serial. Soo, there will be a rise in the ratings of the “Snowdrop”.


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