One of the most excellent and highly respected developers of emulator naming Near who has been known in the past by the name of Byuu has committed suicide as the news has come recently.

Snes Emulator

Who is Snes Emulator Author NEAR?

Near became relevant in the year 2004 as he created the BSNES which was later renamed as higan and that became the most accurate emulator which is of Nintendo’s 16-bit entertainment system, they have also been in the news for making an improved version of translation which is of squares 1996 RPG Super Famicom.

Snes Emulator Author NEAR Death Proof

Concerns were in the air by the people who are following him on Twitter as the programmer uploaded a photo of him on Twitter which was followed up by a string of messages as those messages were pointing out towards some suicidal intent.

and then it was stated by Hector Martin who is one of the best when it comes to security consultancy as he shared a google document and it has been stated that it has been authored by one of the real-life friends of Near and that is what is being accepted as the proof of his death.

Snes Emulator Author NEAR Death Reason

Near wrote on their Twitter as they were recalling the history which is going to be counted as a lifetime of abuse which they have seen over the years by the bullies and then it was centralized which was around the cyberbullying hub naming Kiwi farms as it was further being stated that it started off as they went on to attack him for being autistic, then it went by as the friends were being doxed and attacked and they were trying to bait them through suicide just to get a reaction from him as he stated that he has already lost one of his friends because of this and he further stated that internet is not at all a game as he stated that the only friends that he has been online and now he has no one to call a friend as he further stated that it is too late now for him but he hopes that someone is going to do something about it.


  1. Source? Proof?
    Imagine calling yourself a journalist and making news about twitter anonymous drama with no back-ups.


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