VIDEO: Smacka Beats Girlfriend Up – Who Is The Man In ‘Smacka Beats Girlfriend Up’ Video?: Smacka has become the cemetery of attention and the users search for things about him on the internet. And they are also taken to social media where they keep on discussing the matter they are involved in. Now you might be wondering what is that matter. So he is in the headlines as he posted a video on which is an altercation video which he posted on his youtube channel. And now this video of him is getting viral which is making him being trolled n the web. Follow More Update On

Smacka Beats Girlfriend Up

Who Is The Man In ‘Smacka Beats Girlfriend Up’ Video?

And he titled his video with the title, “Smacka Beats Girlfriend” and it s also consists of hashtags #domesticviolence and #trending. He posted a video on 2 November 2021. And now this video is viral and crossed millions of views now. Many of his subscribers shared a video and this is how to keep on getting more and more views. You might be getting impatient to know what is inside the video so let us tell you that the video has the content which makes it viral. And everyone is keep on talking about this video on the web and all the social media platforms.

Smacka Beats Girlfriend Up

The duration of the video is around 5 minutes and in the video, you will get to see him along with his girlfriend. And they got into the most heated argument which goes viral. So Smack in the video is texting a woman who is hating him. So after the most heated argument, the man also sees hitting a woman in the argument. After this, her girlfriend tells him to leave the house. So everyone is talking about the video and they are also trying to know what is the issue exactly.

Smacka Beats Girlfriend Up

After this, we will see that police arrive at the scene and they also took Ivy along with them. But unluckily the conversation between them isn’t get recorded. You may also visit the Instagram of Smacka his handle is @smackafamous. So he is an entrepreneur and he hardly reveals much about his business. People took to Twitter and they are gaining their reviews on this viral video of the couple.


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