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Who Is Slim Danger? Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who Is Slim Danger? Age, Instagram, and, more!: The things have been so messed up between Jyada Cheaces and Lil Baby, it has been looking like another person who is being entered the mix. There is news about their break up and this has been made their fans s stressed. Jyada and Lil Baby. Both of them are making round on social media as their fans are keen to know whether this is just a rumor or they are actually broken up. Let’s not delay anymore, grab the details about the same in the article below. There are rumors that Chief Keek’s baby mama, the slim danger has been claiming that she slept with a rapper of Atlanta, and this is the only reason for the break up of Jayda Cheaves. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Slim Danger

Who Is Slim Danger?

TikTok is the most useable video streaming app worldwide and the content goes viral and is tried too. S recently TikTok slim Danger showed that a screenshot of her Instagram stories is being got viral day by day.  There are the claims that Jayda has been viewed her story and the two women are so cool and talked about the things. Here is a statement that reads, ‘You’ll always talking about, ‘Slim caping, slim caping’. This is Jayda in my view. I and her spoke to each other, we are cool. But part 2 [of the video] is coming.”

Slim Danger: Age, Instagram

Jayda Cheaves has been quickly caught up with the wind of slim danger’s video and everything is being shit down. So in the video, there was a Slim Danger which went a set ahead and also insinuated that Jatada broke up with a Lil Baby de to the two slept with each other. Well, this isn’t for the first time as Slim Danger has been spoken out about men in the entertainment industry that she has been with.

Slim Danger Net Worth

In the month of December, she made a TikTok video in which she has been alleged that she met Tristan Thompson at a swingers party that took place in Los Angeles. He had been paid her more than $15,000. In the video, she has been seen using a picture of Tristan as her green screen to indicate that he is the, an who is declined by her. Later she switched a green screen image of what she alleges to be a check that Tristan.



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