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Skylar Grey Polo G Eminem: Eminem and Polo G Join Skylar Grey and Mozzy on ‘Venom 2’ Song: Listen


Skylar Grey Polo G Eminem: Eminem and Polo G Join Skylar Grey and Mozzy on ‘Venom 2’ Song: Listen: Venom: Let There Be Carnage, has been on a delay due to the pandemic but now it is in the cinemas and this is creating a buzz over social media. Whereas, if we talk about the track n the film is given by the most popular and renowned rapper Eminem. This is raising the excitement in the fans and they are want to know more about the same. Eminem contributed a track titled “Last One Standing”. he himself took to social media and confined this news. He took along with three more singers in the track including Polo G, Skylar Grey, and Mozzy.

Skylar Grey Polo G Eminem

Skylar Grey Polo G Eminem

The track was upload on YouTube and it has been already crossing the millions of views. The audience reacted to it on the comment section of the title track. They show their positive response or we can say that the viewers are highly appreciating the song. It has been crossed millions of views and 1.2 lakh of likes. The track is posted on Youtube on 30th September and it already crossed millions of views.

Comments on the track:-

The viewers release their opinion about the track in the comment section.

A user wrote., “Eminem is all here and he gives complete justice to the song. He gives honor to the work with the Shady artist.”

Another user commented, “Skylar Grey always spreads magic in the songs and made every song hit on radio, once I was traveling and play the album on Grey and these are on the repeat and it makes my traveling so happy. Whereas Eminem is the real voice who makes it outstanding, he still manages to surprise his fans with his hits.”

One more comment reads, “Whenever I hear Emine, with another artist the difference unknowns so easily as he is so damn good and spread the magic of his voice in the tracks so well.”

Venom: Let There Be Carnage, highly appreciated by the London audience and will also going to be hit the theatres of the United States on 1st October 2021. The audience of the U.S is so curious and waiting to enjoy it.

Eminem has been recently seen in the series “Black Mafia” and this made his fans crazy. In the first episode, he was seen doing a great job and his work this highly appreciated by his fans and followers.

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