The next match of Finnish Premier League 2020 is to be played between SKK and ECC. SKK Stadin JA Karavan Kriketti vs Empire Cricket Club is the 35th match of this league. All the matches of Finnish premier league T20 tournament are playing at Kerava National Cricket Ground, and this match will also play in the same at 8:30 PM IST today’s evening. Both of the teams are ready to face each other for the first match of the day. If you are a cricket lover so read this article till last and you will get to know about every detail of the match.

SKK vs ECC Live Scorecard

SKK Stadin JA Karavan Kriketti (SKK) vs Empire Cricket Club (ECC) both of the teams have been occupying their position in this tournament. where SKK is in First place and ECC is being its position on the second number. SKK has played a total number of 9 matches and ECC has also given its 9 matches in the tournament.

ECC has played 9 matches in which it has won 7 matches and lost 2 matches and on the other side, SKK has played 9 matches in which it has won 7 matches, lost 1 matches, and also drawn 1.

SKK Stadin JA Karavan Kriketti will be facing the Empire Cricket club for the second time on the pitch. According to their last performance, ECC has scored 114 runs in 19.3 overs on the loss of 7 wickets, and if we talk about SKK has scored 112 runs in 20 overs on the loss of 9 wickets and as the result, ECC got the victory by 3 wickets.

Pitch Report Weather and Venue: According to the latest updates pitch, it seems to be in favor of batsman because the run rate is high in this series. As you all know that the tournament is held at Kerava National Cricket Ground on 31 Jul, 08:30 PM IST. As per the forecast so the weather will be normal as it is going.

SKK playing XI:  Peter Gallagher, Nathan Collins, Jordan O’Brien, Atif Rasheed, Sabbir Habibul, Mirza Zeeshan Baig, Qaiser Siddique, Vishal Saraf, Asim Ghani, Raja Waqas, Yathunantham Vijayaratnam.

ECC Playing XI: Vanraaj Padhaal, Jonathan Scamans, Zeeraj Ijaz, Shoaib Tahie Qureshi, Mahesh Balasaheb Tambe, Chandra Shekhar, Muhammad Imran, Abdul Ghaffar, Amjad Sher, Raaz Muhammad, Kushagra Bhatnagar. Well, no doubt that the match will be more interesting because according to the last match ECC Might win but if we talk about the entire series and overall performance so SKK might win. stay tuned stay safe for more updates of the sports world.


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