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VIDEO: Sisters Beach Fire – Early season fire takes out mobile phones


Sisters Beach Fire: There is a fire alarm as has been caught at Sisters Beach in Tasmania’s north-west has been brought in under control, the burning was getting more and more devastated but the authorities reached on time in order to contain the fire, the fire started off on private property near Lake Llewellyn on Saturday afternoon. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Sisters Beach Fire

Sisters Beach Fire

The fire already burned through about 500 hectares of land and damaged telecommunication infrastructure, the mobile phone reception is currently impacted in the area and it is very unclear when it is going to be restored, the fire previously had been downgraded to advise level when it comes to overnight.

It was upgraded to watch and act on Sunday afternoon as conditions worsened an update was issued shortly after 2:00 pm AEDT on Sunday, the Tasmanian Fire Service said that the fire had been upgraded from advice level to watch and act and it may impact Lake Llewellyn later in the day.

Sisters Beach Fire

In a notification which was issued shortly before 4:00 pm, the TFS said that fire had been downgraded and there was no immediate threat to Lake Llewellyn, it has been stated by TFS that the fire is being controlled west of Lake Llewellyn as it is slowly moving to east.

The incident controller Nic Deka said that fire had become more active throughout the day, was stated him, “On the fire ground, we have winds gusting up to 50 kilometers per hour from the north-east, predominantly they are about 35 kph but, given the nature of the topography and the nature of the fuels, the fire is getting more active as the day has warmed up,”

“We just need people to be aware of the fire nearby and just keep their ears and eyes open for further advice.”, it was stated by Mr Deka that crews were focusing heavily on the area of the fire moving east toward Lake Llewellyn. He further stated, “It is a concern, but moving towards the east it is having to back into the wind. It is quite active at different times, but we do have a fair weight of attack on that particular flank,”

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service is helping fight the fire along with crews from the TFS, there is currently no evacuation order in place, helicopters were brought in to help the fight the blaze which created a lot of smoke alert early in the season, it has been stated by Mr Walsh, “Sisters Beach has only got one way in and one way out and it’s a worry when a fire like this happens,”

We will be back with the updates.

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