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Sirmaur Himachal Pradesh Landslide Viral Video: WATCH


There has been a bizarre incident that has happened in Sirmaur district in Himachal Pradesh which has happened on Friday as there has been a landslide and the videos are going viral on different social media platforms, the landslide happened on 30th July as a road which was going up the hill completely collapsed, the video has been shared by Srinivas BV who is a Congress leader. He has stated the road has disappeared in no time as the mountain completely shattered which happened near Badwas which was stated by him on his official Twitter handle.

Sirmaur Himachal Pradesh Landslide

Sirmaur Himachal Pradesh Landslide Video

As the video went viral on the internet, the people were truly terrified as people have been sharing their thoughts and opinions which they have shared all over social media, One of the users has stated, this is the revenge that is being taken by nature as people have been going and taking trips to the mountains to get their minds off the coronavirus and it seems like that these kinds of incidents are happening too often because of the people who are exploiting nature by partying and doing whatnot.

There have been many tweets in which it is being stated clearly, the Himalayas are getting more and more dangerous and feeble and it is being stated by the experts there is a need not to travel to Himachal as monsoons are at their peak and this can really affect the nature and the place, It seems like there is a tragic incident that can result in the deaths of many but this can be avoided by the people if they are going to understand and realize the seriousness of the situation.

There has also been stated by many of the citizens, there is a need of marking unsafe zones for the people who can avoid such roads and places if someone is there because of some valid emergency and better than that, it’s better to not to travel to Himachal Pradesh as the situation with the weather and also the roads are too vulnerable at this point in time.

It has been stated, about 5 lakh people have gone to Himachal Pradesh as the lockdown was put away at the time and people went berserk to travel to the mountains, but now it is high time and people need to realize, the situation is about life and death so it’s better to not to travel to such danger zone places.

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