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Sirf Tum, 3rd January 2022, Written Update: Ranveer expresses his love to Suhani


Sirf Tum, 3rd January 2022, Written Update: Ranveer expresses his love to Suhani: Today’s episode begins with Suhani as she hides with Ranveer as Kamini comes there. She prays to God so that Kamini misses seeing them. Kamini notices the door is open and windows are open. She says that everyone is irresponsible in this house. She collides with Nikita and gets afraid. She screams and Ranveer asks who is there? Suhani says to him that he has to be quiet now. Nikita and Kamini go back to sleep. Ranveer says to Suhani that he is really hurt, meanwhile, Suhani smells the alcohol. She feels anxious. Here, Asha is waiting for Ansh and comes there. She asks him about the party. He remembers everything at the party. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sirf Tum

Ansh asks her to pack the stuff as they are going to the Oberoi mansion soon. He says that they will go to the temple to say thank God. Asha gets confused. Kamini says to Nikita that someone is behind the curtains. Suhani gets worried and throws something in a different direction so that they got confused. Ranveer says that he was elated when she wished him and brought a cake for him. He says to her that he doesn’t understand how Mamta misunderstood that he loves Riya but he loves someone else. Ranveer is about to take her phone but Suhani stops him and says now, he won’t say anything.

She keeps her finger on his mouth, Ranveer smiles and asks her not to remove her finger. Mamta makes a call to Ranveer as she is worried about him but he doesn’t pick the call. She then calls John and asks about Ranveer. She asks him to find Ranveer and bring him to the house. Ranveer stares at Suhani without saying anything. Suhani then informs John about Ranveer. She tells him that he is drunk and asks him to take him from her house. Suhani asks him not to move from there. She opens the door and makes Raghu and John enter the house.

Nikita and Kamini notice them and get stunned. Kamini thinks that they are ghosts, while Nikita thinks that they are thieves. Somehow, Raghu and John manage to go out of the house along with Ranveer. Kamini screams and Suhani gets scared. Everyone awakes in the house and Ranveer is about to hit Suhani but stops after seeing her. Everyone asks what is she doing there alone. Rakesh says that he will inform the police about it. Suhani gets worried. Ranveer comes home and Mamta gets stunned seeing him in that state. Dadu takes him inside the room and scolds him. He says to Ranveer that he won’t talk to him until Mamta forgives him. Do not forget to watch the latest episode of “Sirf Tum” on Colors at 8 pm.

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