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Sirf Tum 25th December 2021 full episode written update: Suhani Gives surprise to Ranveer


Sirf Tum 25th December 2021 full episode written update: Suhani Gives surprise to Ranveer: Today’s episode begins with Ranveer as he is talking to the reflection of Suhani. He says to himself that he never took anyone’s birthday wishes. But today, he wants Suhani to wish him as it will erase all sadness from his life, and also he will forget all his bitter childhood incidents. He thinks that Suhnai would have slept at this time. He still wishes that she call him. Mamta prays to God that Ranveer attends the party because Ranveer’s father is happy after a long time. Suhani knits a muffler for Ranveer that also has his name on it. Dadi asks Suhani to wish Ranveer at 12 am. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sirf Tum

Suhani tries the muffler to see how it looks. Dadi says that it’s beautiful. Ranveer is waiting for Suhani’s call and keeps watching the time on his phone. Suhani video calls Ranveer by mistake. He gets happy seeing her call. Suhani wishes her and Ranveer shows her happiness by laying on the ground. Suhani asks him if he is fine. Ranveer says yes. He says that his intuition was right. Later, Dadi also wishes him and tells him that Suhani has prepared something for him and will give him in college.

Ranveer invites her to his birthday party. He says that he has to attend the party else he will not cut the cake. Dadi agrees and gives permission to Suhani. Mamta makes a call to  Ranveer and wishes him. Ranveer tells her that he will attend the party, Mamta gets happy. She immediately informs everyone and also tells them that Ranveer wants the party in the daytime. Vikrant thanks Mamta to convince Ranveer. Vikrant says that Ranveer will get happy to know that he is getting engaged with Riya. Ranveer decides to tell his mother about Suhani. Riya invites Ansh for the engagement.

Suhani bakes a cake for Ranveer, Nikita and Kamini arrives there and Kamini is about to fall on the cake but Suhani saves the cake. Dadi scolds Kamini. Nikita also gets ready to go to the party. Ranveer goes to his house and Mamta gets happy seeing him. She gives him his attire, Ranveer denies wearing it saying that it’s his birthday, not engagement. Ranveer then calls Riya and asks her to attend the party. Riya smiles. He goes to get ready. After some time, he is waiting for Suhani. Everyone wishes Ranveer who is thinking that why Suhanic has not come yet. It is going to be interesting what will happen when Ranveer will cut the cake with Suhani. Do not watch the full episode of “Sirf Tum” on Colors at 8 pm.

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