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Sirf Tum, 24th December 2021, Written Episode Update: Suhaani Make’s Birthday Cake For Ranveer


Sirf Tum, 24th December 2021, Written Episode Update: Suhaani Make’s Birthday Cake For Ranveer: The episode begins with Ranveer’s father as he announces Ranveer and Riya’s engagement. He says that it will be a surprise engagement party for Ranveer as tomorrow is Ranveer’s birthday as well. Ranveer’s mother says that Ranveer will not be ready for this engagement. Vikrant says that they have only tomorrow’s Mahurat as the next Mahurat is after a month and they don’t want to wait. At Suhani’s house, Dadi says that Suhani is recovered so soon to which Sudha says that Ranveer was with her that’s why she recovered fastly. She praises Ranveer and says that nothing will happen with Sudha Unless Ranveer is with her. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sirf Tum

Here, Ranveer’s mother calls him and tells him about the birthday party. He says that when they know he doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday then why does he do that. He says that he won’t attend the party and he didn’t even know whether he will come to the house tomorrow or not. He disconnects the call before she convinces him. Later, Suhani comes to Ranveer to return his keys. He says thanks and leaves. Suhani’s Dadi and Sudha think to do something for Ranveer on his birthday as he has done so much for them.


On the other hand, Mamta wonders how to convince Ranveer. Vikrant says to Mamta that she has to convince Ranveer to come to the party as it is the only way to finish all grudges between a father and his son. He requests her to do so. She agrees. Dadu also asks her to convince Ranveer as he is going to be so happy knowing he is getting engaged with Riya. Asha and Ansh talk to each other when Asha asks him if Suhani is in his college. Asha tells him that Suhani’s father’s scooter hit her and he never forgets that how she helped to get him a job. Ansh feels happy hearing her and hugs her.

He says that now a new big storm is coming into Suhani’s life. Ranveer gets drunk at night. He recalls his childhood incident and how he got to know about his father’s true colors. He imagines Suhani. He says that it has been 15 years since he didn’t celebrate his birthday. He says that his father is a fake man. He doesn’t respect his mother. Ranveer says but now he wants to forget everything since Suhani has come into his life. He wants her to wish him on his birthday.  Suhani and Ranveer will be seen dancing in a snowy landscape, Suhani is dressed up in a white gown. Watch the full episode of “Sirf Tum” on Colors at 8 pm.

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