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Sirf Tum, 10th January 2022, Written Update: Suhani’s father got heart attack


Sirf Tum, 10th January 2022, Written Update: Suhani’s father got heart attack: Today’s episode begins with Riya and Ansh who are happy after whatever happened. Riya says thanks to Ansh as he helped her a lot. They think that now, Suhani will not come between Ranveer and Riya. Ansh feels happy for Riya but then Suhani and Sudha come to the college which shocks them. Ansh thinks how is it possible. Riya says how can Suhani go against Rakesh’s warning. Sudha wishes her luck and Suhani says thanks to her. Suhani goes to the examination hall with her friend. Riya makes a call to Rakesh who says to her that he is busy at this time. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sirf Tum

Riya tells him that Suhani has come to attend the exams. The invigilator comes and Suhani is ready for her exam but Rakesh comes there and says to Suhani to come with him. The invigilator tells Rakesh that the parents are not allowed to enter the exam hall. Rakes says that he wants to only 5 minutes. Suhani requests the invigilator to give them only 2 minutes. She leaves the place with Rakesh. He asks her how she dares to go against his decision. Suhani gets nervous. Rakesh is about to take her home but Ranveer comes there and blocks Rakesh’s way. He asks him to let Suhani write the exam.


Rakesh says that Suhani will go with his father. Ranveer asks how can he sleep peacefully after snatching her daughter’s dream. He says that when the dream becomes the reason of insult, it should be snatched. Suhani thinks that now Ranveer is getting angry and he will attack her father but he folds his hands and asks Rakesh to let her go for the exam. Rakesh leaves her hand. Suhani leaves without wasting the time. Ranveer is about to go, Rakesh says that he did so wrong by giving his daughter’s responsibility to him. He says that Mamta praised him and he is his owner’s son that’s why he did that but that doesn’t mean her daughter wanted to trap him or he used her daughter to become rich.

Ranveer gets confused and thinks about what is he saying all of sudden. Ranveer asks if his father said to him anything. Rakesh coughs and Ranveer goes to bring water for him. Rakesh gets a heart attack and gets unconscious. Ranveer and everyone get shocked. Ranveer asks his friends to bring a stretcher and take him to the emergency room. Ranveer checks his pulse. He makes the call to the cardiologist but gets to know he will be late. Ranveer says that they don’t have time. Ranveer sees Rakesh’s resignation letter coincidently. He understands everything and leaves saying he knows how will he be cured. After the exam, Suhani rushes to her father. Do not forget to watch the full episode of “Sirf Tum

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