Is Singer Lulu Dead or Alive? Singer Lulu Health Update and Death Hoax Explained: The fans of the singer Lulu are currently talking about her health status. Lulu shot to fame in the entertainment industry back in the 1960s, at the mere age of 15 after the launch of her version of the hit single titled “Shout”. Now, at the age of 73, the Scottish star has withdrawn from her singing career, but she still manages to impress the public with her ability to stay so youthful even in her older age. The netizens and her fans are curious to know the health secret of a star. In the past days, the former singer has admitted to being health-conscious, especially after losing her mother to stomach cancer at the age of 68. Follow More Update On

Singer Lulu Dead

Is Singer Lulu Dead or Alive?

This heartbreaking tragedy also persuades the singer to get health tests every year, including a laparoscopy, which permits surgeons to access the inside of the stomach. Keeping on top of her good health has really paid off for the star, and in an interview with the Daily Star, she disclosed some of the clandestine into how she manages it. Lulu confessed that her top health clandestine include a combination of a good diet, positive thinking, and exercise.

A few years back, the star battled against pneumonia infection that swollen the air sacs in one or both lungs. These air sacs are inclined to fill pus or fluid, causing a serious cough. The star explained the condition as her “worst illness” when talking to the news reporter, but at the time she only thought that it was a bad cough, until the doctors informed her that she “should have been thrown into the hospital.”

Singer Lulu Health Update

After recovering from pneumonia, this was not the only health condition the singer has gone through. After distressfully witnessing her father Eddie has died from high cholesterol, she decided to monitor her own, to which she made a stunning founding. The singer said, “My GP told me that I had raised cholesterol. That really scared me, as it is one of the biggest risk factors for coronary heart disease.”

She recalls that “The demise of my father at the age of 71 was terrible, I loved him dearly. He had served in the meat market in Glasgow for years and was a great singer. Sadly, he did not really take care of his body and he had plenty of health warnings that she ignored. So even though I have always attempted to look after myself, when I found that I had raised cholesterol, memories of the illness of my dad stimulated me on and I made sure that I did something about it.”


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