Home News Sidy Sarr Arrested: Why was Senegalese footballer Sidy Sarr Arrested?

Sidy Sarr Arrested: Why was Senegalese footballer Sidy Sarr Arrested?


Sidy Sarr Arrested: Why was Senegalese footballer Sidy Sarr Arrested?: A piece of shocking news is coming into the highlights that have disgusted everyone. The news is about a Senegalese professional player whose name is Sidy Sarr, that he has been arrested for being involved sexually with two underage girls. Sady Sarr is a professional and popular footballer who has gained huge popularity and fame for his skills and game. No one has ever thought that he will do something like this. After knowing this news, many people have been criticizing him for his shameful act. In this article, we have brought more details about the matter so stay tuned. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sidy Sarr Arrested

Sidy Sarr Arrested

Talking about Sidy Sarr, so he is a Senegalese professional footballer who was born on 05 June 1996 in Dakar, Senegal. He plays for Ligue 2 club Nimes and the Senegal national team as a midfielder. He is 1.96 m in other words 6 feet 5 inches. He joined Lorient on loan from Chatearuroux for the 2018-2019 season. He is a young and strong football player who has played several matches where he performed exceptionally and received appreciation for his skills, strength, and strategies for the games. Recently, the news about him goes viral on the Internet that he had been arrested on the charges of ill-conduct of two minors.

Why was Senegalese footballer Sidy Sarr Arrested?

On Monday, the footballer Sidy Sarr was arrested and sent to jail after his sexual involvement with two underage girls who were prostitutes. Mainly, he was arrested for his inappropriate relationship with prostitutes. The news of his arrest came out on 18 October 2021. After that, several popular social media personalities confirmed the news by posting thoughts regarding his acts. Numerous netizens are also sharing their opinion and thoughts on Sidy Sarr’s act and arrest news.

Sidy Sarr Arrested For Inappropriate Relationship 

Actually, he himself accepted that he has been involved sexually with two prostitutes when he went to the police to report that the girls with whom he was physically involved had stolen his car, Audi Q3. During the investigation, it has been revealed that the two girls were underage (only 17), after which he was put behind the bars immediately. He stated that the sexual involvement was mutual as he had paid them for it. As per the French law, Sarr could be prisoned for 20 years for his actions and more charges can also be added on the basis of his previous records of sexual assault. After this, he has lost all his fame and reputation and it is also going to affect his career in the future. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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