Home News Who is Sidney Poitier’s wife, and family? Age, daughters, Instagram, and, more!

Who is Sidney Poitier’s wife, and family? Age, daughters, Instagram, and, more!


Who is Sidney Poitier’s wife, and family? Age, daughters, Instagram, and, more!: Losing s great actor is a big loss for the entertainment industry. With a heavy heart, we are sharing the demise of Sidney Poitier who left his family and fans in big grief. He may be one of the best actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood, but for the wife of Sidney Poitier, Joanna Shimkus, he will always be recalled as the best husband and father to their two daughters. Poitier, who registered his name as the first Black man to be honored with the Oscar for Best actor in the year 1964, has passed away on Thursday evening of 6th January 2022. At the time of his demise, he was 94 years old. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sidney Poitier's wife, and family

Who is Sidney Poitier’s wife, and family?

Oprah Winfey, one of the longtime friends, stated in a statement at the time after hearing his demise and she wrote that “For me, the greatest of the “Great Trees” has fallen: Sidney Poitier. My honor to adore and loved him as a mentor. Brother. Friend. Confidant. Wisdom teacher. The utmost, highest regard and praise for his most gracious, magnificent, eloquent life. I adored and treasured him. He had a huge soul I will always and forever cherish. Blessings to Joanna and his world of adorable daughters.”

Who was Sidney Poitier? 

Poitier was born on 7th February 1927 in Miami, Florida. He was the youngest of 7 children. His parents, Reginald James Poitier and Evelyn Outten were farmers in the Bahamas and owned a farm on Cat Island, which they would often travel from to Miami to sell tomatoes and other produce. Poitier was born suddenly in Miami 2 months premature while his parents were visiting. He remained in Miami for 3 months prior to becoming healthy enough to come back with his parents to the Bahamas, where he was brought.

Who was Sidney Poitier’s ex wife, Juanita Hardy (1950 – 1965)?

Sidney Poitier's wife, and family

When Poitier was 15 years old, he was sent to Miami to live with his brother. At the age of 16 years old, he moved to New York City, where he worked as a waiter prior to he enlisted in the army. After the army, Poitier auditioned for a role with the American Negro Theater, which he conquered. After the production, Poitier was cast as the lead in Broadway’s Lysistrata prior to his breakout role as  Gregory W. Miller in the year 1995 film “Blackboard Jungle.”

Who is Sidney Poitier’s wife, Joanna Shimkus (1976 – 2022)?

Sidney Poitier's wife, and family

After Blackboard Jungle, Poitier went on to star in films like Porgy and Bess, A Raisin in the Sun, with Love, In the Heat of the Night, and To Sir, with Love, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. He was survived by his wife, Joanna Shimkus, and 5 of his 6 daughters.

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