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Siddharth Mandala Invented Electric Footwear That Can Prevent Rape


India is the country where you can see most of the talent and this is the thing which makes it more Incredible. The word is going through a very tough time and everyone wants to save himself along with the people around him. In this tough time, India is bent on winning hearts across the world. Recently a teenager from Telangana invented a mind-blowing device for the safety purpose of women. On this invention, everyone is feeling proud of him.

Siddharth Mandala

We are talking about Siddarth Mandala who invented footwear that prevents rape. Yes, you read right. A 19 years old boy from Telangana invented footwear for the purpose of women’s safety. These days we have seen too many incidents and still, we are facing this unwanted situation of the world, in such situations where everyone is scared of going out, the lad invented footwear for all the women who go out for different purposes.

Siddarth Mandala stated that he was scared of the current situation of the ladies and inhumanity of the people who are hiding evil in themself. The boy invented this gadget before a couple of years ago. He invented this gadget after several rape cases such as Nirbhya and all.

When media went to him for taking his interview he stated that “Women might forget to carry pepper sprays, tasers or any other self-protection tools, but no one would forget to put on footwear before they step out. She basically needs to kick (the attacker) after pressing the big toe for five seconds and that would electrocute the molester by shocking him with 0.1 amperes. “It will Paralyse him for a couple of seconds, leaving enough time for the women to flee. it also sends an alert message to nearby police stations and family members indicating that she is in danger.”

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