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Shweta Memes: Who’s Shweta and Whats These Shweta Memes? Watch Zoom Meeting Viral Video Clip of Shweta!


Shweta wasn’t on mute while the details she shared on the phone call were intense. Whereas other candidates keep telling her that “Shweta you are not on mute but she carries on with the thread of a secret storyline with blabby points.

Shweta Memes

 “Who’s Shweta and whats these Shweta memes?”

She is a college girl who was on the zoom meeting with 111 classmates and unfortunately, she forgets to turn off her mic and continues revealing a secret of her ex-boyfriend to her best friend. While the classmates interrupt her and tell her to turn off her mic. But it was unbearable to her and the entire class enjoys the secret call and makes fun of the entire conversation.

Now, the clip is gone viral and flooded the internet with “Shweta Memes”. The video has viral on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, which made everyone laughs over all the profound platforms.


Here are some of the “Shweta Memes”:-

A comedy page “Fun Tantra” has shared a meme by updating a photo of a boy which consists of the line “Yeh Humari Ladki Nahi Hai” while mentions “Shweta takes Radhika on a call with 111 others candidate and meanwhile, her parents says”, “Yeh Humari Ladki Nahi Hai”.

A sarcastic account “DimagWalaindia” this page shares hilarious relationship details with Shweta. Whereas a photo contains “Marked safe from Shweta”.

An account holding a handle @Nabeel Lftekhar wrote, “People who share their secret to Shweta are scaring these days by exclaiming “Merke to dhak-dhak hori hai”.

Karan Arya tweeted a meme consist “An interviewer asks for an experience in mass communication while the candidate names her self Shweta and interviewer directly ask her for the salary package.”

“Adnan” tweeted a meme, “A boy tells shares a secret to her and ensures her to not reveal it. But Shweta drumming it all around.

A few days later there is one more news that went viral of the lawyer who was on the zoom meeting with cat filter on. And he continued the entire hearing with that filter only this was hilarious whereas his colleagues told him how he forgot to switch off the filter.

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