Shruti Hassan has stated about Plastic surgery. Shruti is one of the most beautiful and free soul Bollywood beauties. She always stands for the issues which come on Bollywood’s diva’s beauty and body shaming. Therefore again she opens up for a statement when it came to plastic surgery in Bollywood. She said that it is necessary to have plastic surgery in this industry because no one is as perfect as they show and if any of the actresses are saying that she has not had any kind of body surgery than she is totally lying.

Shruti Hasan stated that when these divas say that they have not done this, they might be lying because no one is looking as much perfect before entering this industry.” she also stated that she was constantly on the receiving end of condescending comments like “your face is very Western, it’s very sharp, it’s very masculine.” hence I’m saying if you have done any surgery than what is bad in admitting it. I have done and I can admit it because there is nothing bad, if you want to look more beautiful as compare before that you can have surgery. I am talking about it openly because this is my choice to have this is a way to give more hits and entertainment.

shruti Hassan

She also has faced too much controversy just because in her life because of her nose and lips and still, she keeps trolling of her lips, and its an open secret about this entertainment world that everyone has to go through of this to look perfect. She said that she admits that she has done but she is not promoting it because it causes very dangerous sometimes. Well for a look more pretty and gorgeous everyone is going on trying new products so that they can be an attention seeker, they can attract others towards them.

Shruti said that I am not in the favor and I’m also not promoting but if you have done than admit it, because all I want to say that it can be a kinda coloring your hairs from black to blonde and all other stuff which you can have done to look pretty. I frequently listening about my body and lips but i want to clear one thing that no one encourages me to do this i did this from my own wish. and if a woman wants to get surgery than it’s her choice. I always wanted to talk on it that why they went on hiding that they have done. For getting something extra you have to do and be something extra.


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