Home News Was Shireen Essop Missing Mom Cape Town Found? Kidnapping Story Explained

Was Shireen Essop Missing Mom Cape Town Found? Kidnapping Story Explained


Was Shireen Essop Missing Mom Cape Town Found? Kidnapping Story Explained: Social media has been hit by a piece of shocking news as a mother of one has gone missing and this story has arrested national attention. People across the country are paying attention to the missing case of Shireen Essop. Shireen Essop is the woman who went missing on Tuesday. Now, this missing case has taken the internet by storm. Meanwhile, respective authority is seeking help from netizens and social media customers. We have covered this story comprehensibly. By reading down the page till the end readers will get detail of every imperative aspect of Shireen Essop’s missing case. If she has been kidnapped or not? Let’s find this out in the following paragraphs. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Shireen Essop Missing Mom Cape Town Found

Was Shireen Essop Missing Mom Cape Town Found?

First of all, let’s discuss the rumors of Shireen Essop’s kidnap. According to the reports, many social media posts are claiming she has been abducted but there is no official confirmation of this news. But police have discovered the vehicle of Shireen Essop. It is speculated that Shireen Essop has been abducted but we are hoping this news would be proven false later. Let’s take a look at when and where she was spotted for the last time. Take a look at the next section to fetch this.

According to the police reports, the mother of one was last seen when she was coming home from her job at 2:00 PM. Police reported that the missing mother was last spotted driving home at Weltevreden Road. However, the policemen are carrying out an intensive investigation and search for the missing mom. Essop’s family is urging people on social media to help them in the search for Shireen Essop. As we have mentioned, Shireen Essop’s car has been discovered by the police, Shireen Essop’s car was found in Khayelitsha. Kindly read down the following division to know what she was wearing when spotted for the last time.

Thesouthafrican.com reported that Shireen was last seen in a mustard top and black jeans. And she was driving her white Toyota which has been recovered by her family. Shireen Essop is a 32 years old woman who was last seen on Monday afternoon. The South African Police Service thrashed the claims of her murder as they haven’t found any piece of information related to her murder. Further details of this case will be shared with you, The investigation is still active and yet to conclude about Shireen Essop’s life status.

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