The husband of Shilpa Shetty has been arrested by the police in Mumbai as he is the key conspirer in a case which is related to p*rnography, has been started by the Commissioner Of Police naming Hemant Nagarle that he has been arrested as he stated that there has been a case which has been registered in February 2021 to Crime Branch Mumbai which is regarding the p*rnography film creation which was about publishing the p*rn through some apps and they have stated that Raj Kundra has been arrested on 19th July 2021 as he is the key conspirer in the case.

Raj Kundra

He has further stated that there is efficient evidence that they have for making a strong case against Raj Kundra and he further stated that the case is still being investigated as of this point, the guy has been slammed with sections under IPC for cheating, under the information act of technology, circulating obscene books, indulging in obscene acts in public.

According to the reports that have come, there has been 2 FIR’s and the police has arrested and apprehended about 9 people if we talk about last week as they have been forcing many of the actors to be part of the p*rnography and it has been stated that these nude scenes and movies have been released in many different paid apps.

Poonam Pandey has filed a case against Raj Kundra in Bombay High Court has stated that Raj Kundra and his associates have been using her content even though her contract that she has before was already terminated but it seems like that Raj Kundra and his associated are denying the accusation as they are saying that the contract is still very much intact.

it seems like that the paid p*rn apps are increasing on a daily basis and this needs to be looked upon by the police as they are being shot with a full production team and this needs to be stopped.


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