Home Entertainment Is Shibani Dandekar Pregnant? Farhan Akhtar’s wife’s pregnancy hoax explained

Is Shibani Dandekar Pregnant? Farhan Akhtar’s wife’s pregnancy hoax explained


Is Shibani Dandekar Pregnant? Farhan Akhtar’s wife’s pregnancy hoax explained: A piece of news came out of Shibani Dandekar which many people say Shibani getting pregnant. Is the news was true or just a rumor. Let’s find out in this article. Two Bollywood actors named Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar became famous while working in the Bollywood industry. His fans know him because of the career they have chosen. They both became husband and wife on February 19 at a farmhouse in Khandala. But there is a piece of news that came out that the couple has decided to tie the knot for seven geneses through the vow and ring ceremony which bypasses all the customs. Shibani and Farhan both met in a reality TV show which they became friends and ultimately got tied up. After that, the love of the two went up and now the knot has been tied. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Shibani Dandekar Pregnant

Is Shibani Dandekar Pregnant?

The photos of the couple are now coming in the headlines. When they have seen Shiban and Farhan’s brides in red and beige color gowns, everyone’s eyes were fixed on her. At this time Shibani looked very beautiful but most of the people’s eyes were going to the Shibani’s stomach. They see that her stomach was growing which they interpret that she is getting pregnant. Many people also say that she is hiding something with us and didn’t share it all which was totally awful.

When people got this news, they say who is her husband. Is she has a boyfriend who she slept with him or is this Farharn’s baby? People are now confused with it. After that everyone started guessing that she is pregnant. At this time, in the picture shared on social media, someone is telling Shibani’s pregnancy to be confirmed, while some people were confused about her pregnancy. But what’s the truth about her pregnancy news.

The truth of Shibani’s wedding picture is that she is not getting pregnant. By judging through her bridal look. Many got a misunderstanding. The truth is she is not pregnant. She is just overweight or wearing a dress which seeing like she is pregnant. The pregnancy news of her was just humor. Those who were spreading the news of Shibani pregnancy. Do not take this fact into reality. These were just some nasty guys who do on a regular basis and promote their website to earn some amount of money. Shibani’s stomach looks like this only because of the dress. Congratulation to Farhan and Shibani’s new life.

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