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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Written Update Today’s Episode 16th April 2021: Anokhi Hurts Again


The episode begins with Shagun as she questions Shaurya that why he is not talking with her. He says he is here with her just to make her understand the responsibilities. Shagun apologizes to him for her past mistakes. Shaurya yells at her and tells her that he has feelings but not for her. Shagun says to him that she can’t believe that. She says he can’t move on so fast. He says why she is behaving so strangely.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

He says to her that it will be good for her if she focuses on her studies and lives his life happily. She says to her as he overreacted a few hours ago, this time she is doing the same. Shaurya says that they could be friends but it’s all her choice to separate properly. Shagun says to him that how will she live without him. She tries to go close to Shaurya but he stops her. Anokhi reaches the place at the same time and gets shocked to see them in an awkward position. They both get normal. Shaurya introduces Anokhi with Shagun.

After that, Shagun goes from there for the class. Shaurya tells Shagun to call him Mr Saberwal. Anokhi comes to Shaurya and tries to talk to him but seeing him upset changes the topic. Anokhi wonders that she sees Shagun somewhere before seen her here while giving her some belonging. Shaurya comes there and stops them from talking with each other. He asks Shagun to come with him to introduce herself in front of students. Reema feels that Shagun is Shaurya’s ex and about to tell Anokhi about it but he stops her. On the other hand, Shagun’s touch was irritating her.

Shagun introduces herself to the students. Shaurya warns Shagun to behave properly in front of the students. Kitty tells Bebo about Shagun indirectly and Gayatri overhears their conversation. Later, Babli learns that her mother-in-law and husband return, and she leaves from there. Gayatri and Kanchan share a talk with each other about Shagun. Kanchan says Shaurya doesn’t have feelings for Shagun anymore. Ahir drops Babli at her home. Shagun asks Anokhi to go on a date. Anokhi agrees.

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