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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Written Update 13th May 2021: Anokhi faces truth


We have brought the written update of the Star Plus serial named “Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani”. The episode commences with Ahir as he gives broom to Anokhi. She imagines Shaurya in Ahir’s face. She says to him to sing a good song. Anokhi gets sleep listening to him. He sees her sleeping. On the other hand, Devi is tensed for Shaurya because it’s been 2 days and Shaurya hasn’t come home yet. Ahir express her love to Anokhi when she slept. Babli comes there. Shaurya comes in Anokhi’s dream. Shagun comes to Devi, she asks Shaurya where she went?  She asks her if she knows that Shaurya got abducted.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

Shagun says to her that she knows everything. She says that she also knows that Shaurya will come back soon but directly goes to Anokhi. She says if Shaurya is not with her this time just because of her. She shows some pictures to her in which Ahir lifts Anokhi in his arms. She says that now she will prove her wrong by showing these photos to everyone. Devi says to her that nothing will happen to show these pictures as Shaurya won’t trust these pictures. She says that she has already used these tricks but nothing happened.

Shagun says to her that she is the one who told her that Shaurya and she will be together again and hope she reminds all her words. The next morning, Anokhi awakes and notices Shaurya’s watch there and wonders how it’s come here. She calls Babli’s name and finds a letter in which she wrote that she is going to garden. Anokhi thinks if Shaurya reached the home. She makes a call to Ahir but his phone is off. Ahir goes to Sabberwal’s house because Aastha asked him to find Shaurya. Ahir says to them that he will definitely find Shaurya but first waiting for the kidnapper’s call. Vineet calls them to demand a huge amount to save Shaurya.

Shaan says to the kidnapper that how will they believe that Shaurya is with him. He says that he can prove it. Ahir starts tracking his location. Anokhi makes another call to Ahir and this time, the phone rings and Anokhi gets happy. She put his watch in her hand and decide to find him at any cost. Anokhi gets suspicious about Vineet and follows him. At the same time, Shaurya successfully unties himself and about to run away but Vineet’s men catch him again and tie him with a chair. Vineet demands 10 lakh rupees. Anokhi hears everything. Watch the upcoming episode of “Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani” on Star Plus at 7 PM.

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