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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Today’s 25th February 2021 Written Update Full Episode


Here, we are back with the written update of the Star Plus serial named “Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani”. The episode begins with Shaurya as he scolds Aastha to come back into their lives. He asks her why she has come. Devi comes there and says when she was following Gunjan and Gayatri, she has come to check on her for humanity as she is not well and also warned her to not come near to her family but she does even speak to me nicely. Aastha says to her that she is speaking a lie.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

Shaurya says he doesn’t believe her. He asked her how dare she to behave like this with his Badi maa. He says she knows that how much she sacrifices for him. He says to her that she doesn’t need to think that she is his mother just because she is his biological mother. He says he considers Badi maa as his mother. He talks to Aastha very badly. Later, Anokhi receives a call from Rama, she calls her to ask about Aastha. She tells her she is much better than the previous one and cuts the call. Shaurya says to Aastha that she doesn’t do anything that he calls her a mother.

Anokhi gets shocked to see Shaurya’s behavior towards Aastha and says he will never call her maa. Anokhi says she can’t believe that he could talk like this with his own mother. Devi comes and asks Anokhi if she doesn’t know anything then how could she questions Shaurya. She doubts her and says she is the one who is helping Aastha to ruin their happiness. Devi and Shaurya warned Aastha along with Anokhi to stay away from their family. Shaan also arrives and asks what is happening. Anokhi tells her everything, Aastha hugs Shaan and starts crying continuously.

Shaurya and Devi come outside. Devi asked Shaurya that how did he reach here. He says when he is crossing the road, he saw her car here. Shaurya asks her the same. She replies when she was stalking Gunjan and Gayatri. Shaurya drops her home and leaving for college. Devi scolds Gunjan and Gayatri for going to Aastha’s house. Shaan comes there and says he asked them to come home. On the other hand, Shaurya is remembering whatever happened at Aastha’s house. Anokhi meets him and asks how did he speak like that with his mother. Shaurya asks her to leave him alone. Watch the episode of “Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani” on Star Plus at 7 PM. Stay tuned with us.

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