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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani, 2nd July 2021, Written Update, Anokhi’s Grand Welcome By Aastha and Devi!


Hello readers, another astonishing episode of “Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani” of 2nd July 2021 is ready for the amusement of the viewers. As the viewers watched in the previous episodes Shaurya and Anokhi both get married and happily enjoying their married life but only Devi and Tej are upset with this and decides to make her life hell. One after another many twists are coming in the storyline so let’s go and unfold one twist together. Let’s starts the episode, the serial begins with Shaurya who is taking the side of his wife Anokhi.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

Tej tells Shaurya I know this fact that Anokhi is literate, she only did what Anokhi wanted to do, but being educated doesn’t mean that Anokhi can retort to anyone and insult them. Anokhi says I can’t shut my mouth if someone says anything wrong about Tej and Devi. Alok says but it doesn’t mean that you insult someone and why would they say wrong.

Anokhi says ok fine tell them to come here between us and asks them to say anything whatever they want, I am sure they can not lie here. She further says Shagun was present there, she also heard everything, you can even ask her what they said about Devi and Tej. Alok asks her to don’t drag Shagun’s name in this but Anokhi says she is not lying, I am telling the truth, they were mocking on you both and I can’t take it.

Shauyra defends her and says she had done the right thing even I was there I would do the same thing with them. Tej scolds Shaan and Shaurya and says now I need to go and ask for pardon to maintain the relations. Anokhi asks them to not do it if they can not respect the limitations of the relationship then there is no point in asking for an apology and such a time waste to persuade them.

Shaurya again takes her side but this time Devi says it’s not the right thing to always take the side of your wife and agree with her everything when you were not physically present there. Shuarya ok I am accepting that I was not there but I am sure she is not lying and I have blind faith in her and I don’t understand why Shagun is not saying anything when she was also present there. The episode ends here.

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