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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 15th April 2021 written update: Shagun Is Back


The episode begins with Shagun as who announced happily that she is back. She goes to hug Shaurya but he stops her and asks that she is the one who is doing all this for so many days. She says yes and says she is happy to see his care and love for her till now. Shaurya didn’t get what she says and moves from there. Shagun says maybe Shaurya is shocked to see her all of sudden.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

On the other side, Anokhi is looking for Shaurya to put colour on his face. Anokhi sees Shaurya but he leaves the place without noticing her. Anokhi thinks about what happened to him. Reema and Kanchan come to meet Anokhi when she was thinking about Shaurya. After that, Shaurya tells Kanchan about Shagun and says she destroyed his Holi festival. He says to her that he wants Anokhi to apply colour first on her but Shagund spoiled everything coming her. Devi tells Alok that Shagun has applied in SIAC and asks him to assure her that he will help Shagun to get a job in SIAC.

Kanchan overhears their conversation. Shaurya reaches the office where Tej and Alok are talking about the new professor and takes Shagun’s name for that. He gets stunned when Shagun enters the cabin. Tej praises Shagun in front of Shaurya. She says to them that she is here till spring break. Tej says that Shagun is highly educated and her resume has strong point and says he is in favour to appoint her as a professor. Alok says students votes are also in Shagun’s favour and tells Shaan also said yes to appoint her.

Everyone asks for Shaurya’s vote and he also raises his hand in favour of Shagun. Shagun gets amused. Alok says to Shaurya to make her see classrooms and introduce her to the students. Alok and Tej think that Devi will get so happy. Reema asks Anokhi to put colour on Shaurya but she refuses. Reema starts teasing her. Shaurya explains work to Shagun but she keeps trying to remember him about their relationship. Shaurya asks her to focus on her work. Shagun asks him if they can be the same as old time.

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