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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 14 May 2021 full episode written update: Vineet Bhatia Is The Kidnapper Of Shaurya


Anokhi and Shaurya get separated due to the conspiracy of Devi and on the other side, Anokhi sister Babli is facing domestic violence. The show is portraying a high voltage of drama which is highly appreciated by the audiences. All new upcoming twists will surely provide fun to its audiences and what new problem is waiting to disturb the life of Anokhi we will see in this written update. In today’s episode, the audiences will see that Anokhi will be going to reveal the name of Shaurya’s kidnapper.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

The serial begins with the kidnapping video of Saurya and everyone gets stunned after watching it. Everyone starts crying including Devi and she worriedly says don’t know these kidnappers gave him food or not. Astha says he has a lot of injuries in his body which means these kidnappers beaten him. Shaan receives a message in which the kidnapper has to send the address. Ahir asks everyone who will join me in order to save the life of Shaurya.

On the other side, Anokhi shouts at Vineet and says how dare you kidnapped Shaurya and don’t you know it’s a crime? The hooligan gets a machete and Vineet says Anokhi you don’t have proof against me so how can you blame me. Anokhi asks him to tell her where you kept Shaurya but he says he doesn’t know she can ask this question to this hooligan. The hooligan says this girl now knows everything and now I will not leave him.

Anokhi attacks on hooligan with the stick and he runs away. In the other scene, Babli is talking to Kanchan and thanks for the shopping. Kanchan gives her the compliment and says you show much courage and this will set an example for others. Babli says all this credit goes to Anokhi as she gave me this strength and courage. She is a very powerful and strong girl. Kanchan says her to call Anokhi but suddenly she receives the call from Yash and Yash asks her to go back home. She says she will but currently learning the political game of the Saberwal family.

On the other side, Shaan along with Tej, Ahir, and Alok went with the police force. They go to the location which is given by the kidnapper. Shaan receives the call from the kidnapper and says I have brought the 10 lakh but the kidnapper asks for 50 lakhs as the ransom.

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