The episode begins with Shaan’s call Astha and he tells her that Anokhi has left Shauarya. Then she isn’t believing his words and says Anikhi can’t do this may be Sahurya has done something wrong to her. But Shaan tells her that this time Shaurya doesn’t do anything wrong. While Astha tells him that I have faith in my son and daughter in law.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani

There might be some problem with them which they are hiding. On the other side, Kanchan gets so upset and ‘worried when she gets to know the truth about Shiarya and Anokhi. Does she say that I thought Bhai will fetch bhabhi home what has happened? Their togetherness snakes me to take a step for my self but now what will I do and how things will get better. She further added that “I still hope Bhai will handle everything and he will bring Anokhi back home soon.”

On the other side, Anokhi is leaving Ahirs’ house but Babli comes there and she tells Anokhi not to leave else she will tie her with a rope in the room. Meanwhile, Astha also comes there and he sees Anokhi, and she-ass Anokhi t tell her the truth. But Anokhi didn’t tell anything to her but Aastha tells her that she is a bad actor and she is hiding something from everyone. And Anokhi leaves from there.

Later we will see that Shaurya and Anokhi enter the college and Anikhi bites her she hides so that Shaurya couldn’t see her. Shaurya passed aya from there and he couldn’t able to notice her. After this Anokhi walks towards the corridors while some of the college boys use to tease her and they use to call her that she is a lier.  Later Anikhi is about to fall on the floor and Shaurya notices while he comes to her and holds her.

Later 9Shaurya takes her to the safest place and he uses to ask her a lot of questions. But ‘Anokhi use to behave weird to him and both are hurt as well.


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