Home News Who was Shannon Melendi? Age, Instagram, and, more!

Who was Shannon Melendi? Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who was Shannon Melendi? Age, Instagram, and, more!: Recently, there is a piece of news was coming out on the internet that Shannon Melendi, a 19-year-old beautiful lady was working in a job, living a decent life. Suddenly, she was missing from the job and never returned to her home. What exactly happened to her, what was the whole incident. In this article, we gonna discuss her. So, let’s begin. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Shannon Melendi

Who was Shannon Melendi?

Shannon Melenedi was a great employee of the company. Everybody was impressed by her work. Her boss appreciated her for her great work. She was the most liked person in the office and has no enemies. But suddenly, her disappearance has shocked many staff members and employees of the company.

Many employees in the company worried about her. This arises the question of office security meaning, if somebody was missing from the office for no reason then there is a lack of trust, lack of security of the company which will give a negative impact. Even many think that the security guard didn’t take full responsibility. When she was missing, where the hell is the security guard? Is he doing his own job properly or not.

Shannon Melendi was a student of Emory University in Atlanta. She was missing from her job at a local softball field. She was raised in Miami, Florida where she was meet some high school students, indulge with them and now she was a member of a local soccer team. But her dream was totally different from the current work. Her dream wants to join the Navy in the JAG Corps and made a plan that she wants to go to Washington with her mother.

What happened to Shannon Melendi at the time of missing?

It was around March 1994 when Shannon was seen last time. She was doing some work at the softball field in DeKalb County, Georgia when she never returned from her shift. The next day, cops found her car parked around a small gas station having the keys inside and the phone inside. This thing was shocking and stunning to the police officer. After some time, the phone got ringing. Police peeped out to the phone call which they saw that the phone is coming from Shannon Melendi who was still missing. They think Georgia and Shannon both cases are connected. They traced the call to a phone booth and says they found the Melendi’s rings wrapped in tape inside a bag. Police recognize that her body parts were found inside the bag.

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