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WATCH: Shane Warne Funeral Video and Photos Viral On Twitter, Instagram, and, YouTube


WATCH: Shane Warne Funeral Video and Photos Viral On Twitter, Instagram, and, YouTube: Life is so fickle as legendary cricketer Shane Warne has passed away on Friday 4th March 2022 when he was in Thailand. Reportedly, he died after suffering a heart attack. Since this news has surfaced on the internet people have taken over every platform of social media to pay tribute to the legendary Kangaroo cricketer and show their grief after listening to this unfortunate news. This phase of time is going to be very difficult for every cricket fan as Shane Warne played a significant role in the dominance of the Australian team over every international cricket team. Now people are seeking the details of his age, death cause and also looking for the information if his funeral service announced or not yet. Everything has been given in the further sections of this news article so kindly scroll down the screen of your device to take a peek at the downward placed sections. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Shane Warne

Shane Warne Funeral Video

Following the death of a veteran cricketer, a state funeral has been offered by the Federal and Victorian governments. Reportedly, Warne was enjoying his vacations in Thailand when he suffered a heart stroke that cost him his precious life. Since his death has been made public people and cricket associates are paying tributes to the king of spin as Daniel Andrews has announced the largest grandstand of MCG stadium Great Southern Stand whose capacity is to hold 45,000 people will be renamed as Shane Warne stand permanently in honor of the cricketer.

Shane Warne Funeral Video and Photos

When and Where is Happening Shane Warne Funeral?

The Great Southern Stand at MCG Stadium will be renamed in honor of Warne as we have mentioned above and this stand is of the same stadium where he took his 700th wicket and hat-trick. Mr. Andrews said The SK Warne Stand will be a permanent tribute to him. He further added that today we have lost a great human and one of the greatest cricketers who have been born in Australia.

According to his obituary, he died after l9iving 52 years of his life and the death cause has been confirmed which is said to be a heart attack. It is certain that the whole cricket community is feeling devastated right now after listening to his death news as he had a fan following in all such countries where cricket is famous. He was an inspiration for every cricketer who plays as a spinner in the team. Stay tuned for more details.

The cricket world has been lost its most talented player and the entire cricket sports personalities are in the grief of losing Shane Warne. His fan base is so disheartened to know that he is no more in this world. He passed at age 52 and his fans are taking over to Twitter to pay their tribute to him.

Prime minister Scott Morrison has been given a statement that “Australians these were “bewildered” by a “sad and sudden loss” of Shane Warne, and declared the cricketing hero would obtain a state funeral. He was one of our government’s most lavish characters.”He also praises him and said about him that he had been the most spring personality who gave his best to his professional life.

His full name is Shane Keith Warne and was born on 13 September 1969, while his nickname is Wrnie and his approx height is 1.83 m. Hed had right-handed bates mna and his bowling is from the right arm and leg break. He had been the most entraining and dedicated personality who had been given his best in his life.

He was a dedicated and almost active personality wh had the clear mindset to become a cricketer and for this, she started to be given his efforts in the same field. And he went through a huge struggle and he finally become the most appreciating and best cricketer, in Australia.

Warne ‘a hero’ to current Australia team, says captain Cummins:-

He is also shocked to receive the sudden death news of WARNE, and wrote that “Shane was the legendary spinner who had died this Friday and was a hero, he was the current personality who had the capability to took it to the anther level.”

There were so many players from his team these are disheartened to lose him and are also taken to their social accounts to pay their tribute to him.

A CM from Tamil Nadu, Stalin also took to Twitter and he wrote, “I’m in a shock to know that Warne is no more and his death news is so disheartened for us. He has been given to soon and my deepest and heartfelt condolence with his family and team. He was the true genius. Rest In peace Shane Keith Warne.”

Shane Keith Warne, the death cause is still unknown, as the investigation is still going on and you must have kept patience.

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