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Shakti, 5th July 2021, Written Episode Update, Heer and Virat Return To College!


The episode begins with Heer and Virat are ‘having an argument about their studies meanwhile a Parmeet overhears that and she uses to happy that they are having a fight. Then she comes to the hall and a man uses to ask her why she is so happy. Parmeet tells him about Heer and Virat’s argument. Then a door knocks and everyone comes there.


Soumya comes there and she says that “I have brought a gift for Heer as it is her first day in college.” Virat tells her that we both had an argument as ki was showing concern for her not to go to college as it’s not safe for her. Then Somya says that she is just like Harman an angry bird. Then Viart uses to smile at this. Then she tells Virat to complete his final year as it is really important to start any business or Job to have a degree.

Virat gets happy when he listens to this and says thet this is a great idea. Soumya says that in this way you both can be ligature and manage everything without any problem. He gets super excited and says thank you so much. Then Soumya tells Parmeet that she has been overhears her conversation and tells them to be aware else she will be going to tell her truth to Virat. Then Viart goes to meet Heer and he tells her that I got a solution to our problem.

Then he tells her that he is also going to join the college with her. After this, we will see that Heer tells Virat if he s going to joining the college then he must have to love like they don’t know each other. Viart agrees with her. Later they will be seen sharing a cute and romantic conversation. Viart uses to tease Heer. Then Virat tells her that what will she says if someone will ask her about the Mangalsutra. The episode ends here. Stay tuned to us to get a written update of the serial.

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