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SHAKTI 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Harak Outsmart Angel!


In the new episode, you are going to see Simran and Daljeet having a conversation as he states that she doesn’t need to show her relation with him to anyone as she goes on address Veeran as Nanu as Angel is asking them that why has he brought Simran to the place as he says that he doesn’t need to ask anyone in order to bring her here and further questions her.


Her goons about what to which he replied that one of the guys is Virat in these bunch of goons and that is why she has covered the face of them and he further stated that he had got to know about Simran from them and he further asked Angel to get her goons hereafter which Simran stated that he is her Veer Ji and he will be punished for the misdeeds that he has done after which Virat has taken off his clothes and has exposed himself in front of everyone.

Everyone is in complete shock that Virat is one of the goons and he further stated that he is not going to be violent and is not going to raise his hands on Simran after which he says that how can she even think that he is going to do such a thing and then Virat goes on to say that he needs to tell him about the whereabouts of Heer and further states that he is going to forget that he is his brother and then his is not going to be responsible for what is going to happen to him.

He states that he doesn’t want Heer to get in touch with him anymore and if he tries to do something then he is going to kill Heer and then he will never be able to meet her ever again after which Virat gets really shocked and everyone present there are also shell shocked when he said that he is going to kill her, Preeto is trying to walk towards Daljeet but Angel makes her stop and she further stated that she sent him to get the money not to get his brother-in-law here.

Then she further asks one of her goons to call someone and put the call on speaker and she instructs one of the goons to reach Harman’s room and the goon reaches the room and then on a video call, he shows Harman and Mahi asks about how has he been.

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