Home News Is Shabdon Arrested? Why was Producer Shabdon Arrested By The Police?

Is Shabdon Arrested? Why was Producer Shabdon Arrested By The Police?


Is Shabdon Arrested? Why was Producer Shabdon Arrested By The Police?: Jhoson has been charged with scamming allegations. This news is making the news headlines as he is the most famous producer who is also known as the Papi don. And this action of him made him face jail. He is under arrest and a police investigation is still on the way. What scam he was involved in and how he exited his plans? So the answer to these questions will be going to be unveiled in the article below. Now let’s dive into the full information about Papi’s scan case. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Shabdon arrested

Is Shabdon Arrested?

He is 25 years old and has been taken into custody on Wednesday when he founded accused of running a house sam operation in his state. ASo he has been arrested on the charges of scamming with an 88-year-old man, who is a resident of Sarasota. He scammed $63000 through a publisher clearing house scam.

The victim’s family members registered an FIR as they found that the money they were deposited for the Publisher Clearing House winnings as an advance isn’t worth and they use to report this to the Sheriff’s office. They were in thought that they are paying a tax but they weren’t aware of the fact that they are a part of a scam.

Why was Shabdon Arrested?

A search warrant has been issued on Wednesday and the police officers reached his home. And during a search at his home officers collected $17000 cash from his house along with the electronic devices. Thye also gets to know that the 17 more were also on his scam list and there might be more to be known. So in total of these 17 victims, Papi has been stolen $300,000.

Shabdon Arrested? Why was Producer Shabdon Arrested By The Police?

Broward County Sheriff’s office has been taken him to custody with the charges of Grand Theft of a Firearm, Bank Fraud, Criminal Use of Personal Identification, and more. But the previous charges are on his still pending and the investigation is on the way.

An officer has given a statement in which he talked about being saved and do complete research before getting into any of the work.

“The detectives are working hard to know how he had been executed his plans so that they can tell about this to you guys and you may know how you have to know and save from such scams. You must have to take caution before getting into such scams, first do the best research and then accept anything.”

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