Home Entertainment Shaadistan Hindi Movie Released On Disney+ Hotstar, Review, Story, Cast, IMDB Ratings!

Shaadistan Hindi Movie Released On Disney+ Hotstar, Review, Story, Cast, IMDB Ratings!


The most anticipated movie is all set to release on the ott platform. The film “Shaadistan” is coming soon on the Hotstar App. The movie has been starred Kirti Kulhari, this is her second dream after Pink. While her ‘forthcoming movie is set to be released soon on the video streaming app. The news has been created a buzz over social media. The dialogue said by Kuriti in the trailer has been attracting the viewers and grain the attraction of the audience.


Shaadistan Movie On Disney+ Hotstar

While the audience is super excited to watch the film. Later the actress unveiled that the dialogue brings a change in the society as it isn’t emphasizing the discrimination or difference between modernity and tradition. Kriti reveals about the film in one of her interviews that “the society we are living in is different and everyone is living their life on the conditions. She wants the grab the attention of the society that people say things work accordingly but they don’t work according to them rather than they work as per the conditions, and lib=ving their life on such conditions only.

She further added that from my character I want people to get inspired and take some good steps from their own. People in the real life are facing problems financial hence it becomes difficult for them to chase their dreams. While from the Sasha character they will learn how to take steps for their dreams and fight for their freedom. The film start is based on the life of an 18-year-old girl who wants t chase her numerous dreams but as she is from a strict background her family members didn’t let her follow what she wants to. Later we will see in the movie that Arshi runs out from her house and because this sh even misses her flight also.

Shaadistan Trailer:-

In the trailer, we can see that Arshi’s parents aren’t feeling comfortable on the bus due to Sasha’s bandmate’s ads they are involving in drinking and smoking. Whereas Sasha will be seen talking about the dreams and life of girls that they can’t even live freely on their own conditions.

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