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“Sen” returns to Texas from Cancun after receiving a democrats call for resignation


The texas democratic party has called Senate for the resignation because he went on vacation to Mexico with his family being a republican lawmaker and the city is in trouble as it is deadly stormy winters there and Texans are suffering without water and electricity. As later returned to Texas Sen called the trip was a mistake. It was such a responsible action by him for his state.


The statement on Thursday, by Texas Democratic Party chairman Gilberto Hinojosa, said about Senate’s trip that “it’s saddening and disordering.” He also points out Sen by stating “he is an enemy to our democracy” who disrespects the certification of electoral college vote before and after the Jan. He further added, “Sen is an enemy for our Texas as he flies to Mexico whereas the Texans are dying because of extreme cold.” The words from the chairman are completely showing his anger towards Sen’s family vacation.

The democratic party exclaimed that it was the 21st time when Sen is called for resignation. The senator said that “his daughter had chased to go on a trip with her friends but being a dad I decided to plan a family trip whereas I flew with them last night and already planned to flying back this afternoon.” After returned to Texas he stated to the reporters that “the trip was a mistake and Texans being facing troubles, I wouldn’t have gone on a trip.” He realizes it a bit late just after receiving a resignation call.

Later Sen said, “I knew that I have a big responsibility and shouldn’t go to the trip but as I was aware with issues Texans facing hence, this is why I came back.” David Shuster stated, “Sen shouldn’t plan a trip as he is awarded the fact that Texans are facing a fallout winter storm.” His tweet goes viral and nearly got over 50,000 retweets and 70,000 likes on Thursday. Many are criticizing senators such as actresses, activists, and government politicians. Around 500,000 homes remained without electricity and water which is the basic necessity of human needs. Stay groove to our site for trending updates.

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