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Secrets Of The Whales Premier on Disney Plus Hotstar, Review, Storyline, Plot, IMDB Ratings!


Hey, readers, we are back with the update of another upcoming TV Miniseries which spectators will surely be loved to watch. The theme of the series is a new concept that is based on whales. Yes, your guess is right, we are talking about the miniseries titled “Secrets Of The Whales”. Which is going to be released on the most amazing and best OTT platform “Disney Plus”. This is the National Geographic series on Disney Plus and with the name of the series, we can expect something amazing with the story because it revolves and shows the life of the whales. If you are a whale lover so, you will definitely like the whole story.

Secrets Of The Whales

Secrets Of The Whales on Disney Plus Hotstar

The story will tell you about some specific life of different whales and you will get to see some species here like Orca, Humpback, Sperm, Beluga, and many more. Now, some important details of the streaming have out and it was officially shared by the makers online. Streaming date, time, and many more things.

What About The Series or Story?

The series was announced on Earth Day 2021 and the story of the whales was unveiled in the documentary of the whales and maybe, the story came out especially for whale lovers. It is interesting to know that it was filmed in around 24 locations of the earth and definitely, it was an amazing journey for all during the filming. Each episode focuses on the life of different species of whales.

Where and When it will be streamed?

Maybe, the fans will not have to wait for more because the secrets of the whales will be streamed on Disney Plus from April 22, 2021. You have to purchase a subscription to the App to watch this movie. While the whole story is taken from Brain Skerry’s novel which has the same name as Secrets of the Whales. The whole film has lots of episodes that can easily tell you the story of the species that are living inside the ocean and also, you will get to know something different.

The makers of the film James Cameron provides you with a postscript which is available at the end of the episode. The film was taken from New Zealand and some shots were taken on the sets of Avatar. In the series, many scenes have come in the film where the makers and his team met up with the ocean creatures including turtles, and orca tangled fishes. It is amazing to see the whole story and fans will definitely like the concept.

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