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Scott Cawthon FNAF: Why Scott Cawthon Is Retiring From Five Nights at Freddy?


Scott Cawthon the creator of Five Night’s at Freddy, has recently made an announcement of his retirement from the professional game development which is on his website. However, Scott aspects his decision to the fact that he is currently in the mid-40s and wants to look on and move on to several other things, the timing comes in the illumination of personal controversies. A few days back, the animator and game developer came into the limelight when the social media users found that he had provided financial help to many politicians of the US.

Scott Cawthon FNAF

Scott Cawthon FNAF

On OpenSecrets.org donation records were listed on it which included the likes of Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, Tulsi Gabbard the Democratic representative, and the former President of USA Donald Trump. All these three politicians have been always criticized for what some watch as transphobic views, with Tulsi having planned to push a bill against transgender girls in order to snatch the right of participating in the competition of women’s sports and also banned their entry into the sports.

Scott Cawthon Is Retiring From Five Nights at Freddy?

As such, various fans started to express their disappointment in Scott Cawthon for providing and donating financial support to such politicians. Though no such statements have reaction been released from the side of Cawthon and he remained silent on it until he finally posted a lengthy Reddit post authorized “My reaction and maybe the final post”. There, continued that he loves his fanbase+LGBTQIA2S and that he has always attempted to treat everyone equitably, regardless of their, race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender.

He wrote on Sunday, “I would like to think on that in the last 7 years would have given me the profit of the doubt in regards to how I try to delicacy people, but there I was, trending on the social media for being a getting doxed, homophobe, with people terrifying to come into my home.” He further added that while he never critically agree with everything that McConnel, Gabbard, and Trump stated, he will not be asked for forgiveness and make any apology for providing financial support to their campaigns.┬áIn the post, they further added “I exercised my duty, my right as a citizen of America to vote for and support the candidates who I felt could best run the nation, for everybody and that’s is something for which I won’t ask for the forgiveness.”

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