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School Isolation Rules: Covid School Isolation Rules Could End In Autumn!


There is a sense of frustration among the teachers and the parents are just building up and this is happening over the disruption as there are a lot of families that need to be in isolation and need to be quarantined.

School Isolation Rules

School Isolation Rules

It has been stated by the Education Department that for them to keep as many children in the classes that are being held face-to-face they have written a letter to the secondary schools as they are telling them to prepare for some changes that are going to be happening after the summer break.

Dame Rachel who is England’s Children Commissioner has stated that the need for children to get back to the normal classes was much needed as the restrictions that have come in the lockdown has been a real big trauma which has been for many of the people.

She has spoken to the daily telegraph about this and she has said that if a child in a group of the class gets positive to corona then that whole class is going to be quarantined and she stated that COVID is going to end in no time.

The questions that are being asked by the authorities are-

  1. Should Every Child Get Vaccinated?
  2. Is Self-Isolation Is Required By The School Children?
  3. Should Face Masks Are Compulsory To Wear In The Classroom?

The official figures have shown that there have been 250,000 children who have been absent from school because of COVID 19 and the figures are going to take a leap when they are released for the current times.

The pilot scheme is being gone on in which the person who has been exposed to a person who is positive is being checked every day rather than getting isolated.

In simple words, it is being told that for every single case that is being confirmed, about 20 pupils are being isolated at home which is being done as a measure of precaution.

The policy which is there to send children home for 10 days if they have come in contact with someone who has been confirmed positive was started last September and this happened well before the time of vaccines coming out.

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