Sharjah Bukhatir XI is all set to face  Fujairah Pacific Ventures on the pitch in today’s match. this is the 34th match of Emirates D10 league. therefore this match will make you feel over the moon well, no doubt that the match is becoming hot potato as the time is coming near to the clock. If you want to know every detail about the match then read this article till the end. We hope that your every doubt will clear at the end of the article.

SBK vs FPV is scheduled to play next in Emirates D10 League this will be the 34th match of the series might be the last one. The match will be played at ICC Academy at 6:00 pm IST. The best part about this match that is SBK has played a total number of 11 matches and won 9 times and also lost 2 matches if we talk about on the performance so FPV has played a total of 11 matches and won 7 matches and lost 4 times.

Sharjah Bukhatir XI vs Fujairah Pacific Ventures Live


Sharjah Bukhatir XI Playing XI: lid Shah, Renjth Mani, Umair Ali, Fayyaz Ahmed, S Ramesh, CP Rizwan, Muhammad Farooq, Hazrat Bilal, Hafeez Rehman, Ali Anwaar, Gopakumar Gopalakrishnan.

Fujairah Pacific Ventures Playing XI: Waseem Muhammad, Alishan Sharafu, Asif Khan, Muhammad Kaleem, Sanchit Sharma, Hamdan Tahir, Iqrar Shah, Laqman Hazrat, Sheraz Piya, Hassan Khalid, Basil Hameed.

This is not the first time when both of the teams will be playing against each other. It will be the 3rd time when both teams will face off each other on the pitch. If we talk about the first and second match between both so the first match was played by both was the 3rd match of the league in which, FPV scored 111 runs on the loss of 7 wickets in 10 overs, on the other side SBK scored 114 runs on the loss of 1 wicket in just 7.5 overs as result SBK got the victory by 9 wickets. The second time when they played was the 23rd match of the league, in which FPV scored 130 runs on the loss of 3 wickets in 10 overs, and SBK had scored 134 runs on the loss of 5 wickets in 9.3 overs and as result, SBK won by 5 wickets.

Pitch and Weather report:

As we all know that the matches are playing at ICC Academy and the pitch of ICC academy seems in the favor of batsmen because getting scores on this pitch is easy and The average first innings total at the ICC Cricket Academy in T20 games in 155. As far as the weather concerned so according to the latest weather forecast so the climate will be high at 41degree and 32 degrees at low so according to this we can say that the weather will be enjoying the game.

As we can see that this will be the 3rd match between both and SBK won twice against FPV and according to this, we can say that SBK seems more confident in the comparison of FPV. so don’t forget to watch the match and stay tuned for further updates.


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