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Sasural Simar Ka 2, Written Episode Update, 3 June 2021, Reema Is Enraged!


The episode starts with the Narayan family as they come to Oswal’s house to give them Haldi. Roma notices the decoration and finds it’s gorgeous. She gets happy thinking that her sister is coming to a good house. Choti Simar decides to stay far away from Aarav as Reema didn’t like it. Then the Haldi function starts and Geetanjali applies Haldi on Aarav, he takes blessings from her. After that, Everyone applies Haldi on Aarav one by one. While applying Haldi, Vivaan notices Choti Simar upset.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Vivaan goes to her and asks what happened. She says to him that Reema said sorry to him and tells him that her sister respects his family members. Choti Simar collides with Aarav. They both apologize to each other. Aarav also applies Haldi to her. Choti Simar tells Vivaan that Devesh is troubling her sister as she came to their house and everyone saw him then Reema makes an excuse that he sent him for her photoshoot. She tells him that they did this only to get out of trouble.

At the poolside, Aarav tells Vivan to push Choti Simar into the pool, he does. Gagan also pushes Aarav in the swimming. Later, Badi Simar comes there and asks Aditi to take Choti Simar inside the house as Geetanjali is about to come here. She takes her into Aarav’s room and asks her to change her clothes. Aarav enters the room and Choti Simar falls into his arms. Badi Simar comes there and informs Choti Simar that her family is going. Choti Simar says to the Oswal family that her sister is very lucky that she is coming to this house. She will have so kind in-laws.

After that, Reema makes a call to Aarav to convince him so that he postpone their marriage but Chitra picks her call and listens to everything. And then tell Reema that she is talking with her mother-in-law. Reema gets worried and says she was just kidding. Chitra asks her not to talk on the phone before marriage. Gagan sees all gifts and says all gifts are very nice. He also says that Oswal’s house decorated so beautifully. He sees the pictures and also shows it to Reema. Reema notices a poolside picture of Choti Simar and gets angry. She slaps her. You catch the upcoming episode of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” on Colors at 06:30 PM and also on the Voot app anytime.

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