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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 2nd July 2021 Written Update: Simar Sign The Papers?


The episode begins with Araav and Gajender are having a conversation. He asks him whether Baadi Maa accepted for Simar to stay in this house for one month or not. Then Gajender replies to him that Baadi maa is ready to see her for one month. But we are really sorry that you have to face such problems at this age. I know he difficult for you to handle this complicated situation, and whatever you are doing is appreciable.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

He further added that “you have promised to Baadi and I would like to tell you that don’t step back as she has lots of expectations from you. I hope whatever you will be going to do will be in the favor of housemates. I have trust in you.” Arav replies to his dad that “I have promised ‘her and will not go break anybody’s trust. I even request you not to worry as whatever I will do will definitely going to make you all happy.” Arav is tensed and he is wondering how will he going to manage everything but he is clear that he will be going to divorce Simar.

On the other side, we will see that Simar is talking to her sister in law and she has tears in her eyes telling her how hard it is to be bad in everyone’s eyes. She claims that not being wrong and still face the taunts from everyone isn’t easy at all, these things hurt so much. She says to her that my and Arva’s wedding isn’t a wedding and I have to leave at this hour. Then her sister-in-law says that I want you and Bhai to be together and give a chance to each other.

It will be going to be interesting to see whether Arav and Simar fall in love with each other in one month. Or Arav will be going to divorce her? For this, you need to stay tuned to us and will update you with all the upcoming episode. So here the episode ends.

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