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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today Episode 28th July 2021 Written Update: Aarav Recognizes Food Taste Made By Simar!


Good Afternoon readers, it’s raining outside and for sure you guys are enjoying it let’s make it more delight in with the written update of the daily soap “Sasural Simar Ka 2” of 28th July 2021. With each episode, the storyline of the serial is getting quite interesting to watch. Reema is making many conspiracies against her sister Simar but her sister still respects her a lot. Let’s see what next the serial will going to show to their entertainers but one thing we can expect is that there will be a high voltage drama will present in this episode as well.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

The episode begins with Reema who gets anxious and asks the help of her sister Simar as Reema cooks for her “first kitchen ritual” but all her food gets burnt. Simar says you are the Bahu of this house and you are taking all decisions so how can I help her but being a small sister she suggests to Reema that Badi Maa avoid spicy and burnt food and if she sees your burnt curry she will get angry. 

Reema asks Simar to help her but Simar is about to leave from there. Reema stops her and says by cooking curry she is not going to prove herself. Then Reema gives her a challenge that she can cook international cuisine as well and Simar accepts that challenge and then goes from there. On the other side, Aarav asks Simar to be prepared and do a rehearsal and only one more hour is left.

Simar starts the rehearsal and Aarav gets a drink to Simar to make her voice melodious and then he asks her to have it and tells the taste of it. On the other side, Reema is searching for food recipes on Google and then starts the preparation of cooking and says to herself that she will prove that she is the queen of Kitchen as well. Then she tries to make the food with the help of the internet and follow the instructions.

But as she did not cook before and she finds difficulty while making food and burns her hand. She does not know how to cook roti so she decided to make rice. She cooks the food miserably and created a mess in the kitchen. Chitra comes there and looks at the mess and then asks Reema to change her dress and get ready and informs her that today she is going to serve food. The episode ends here we will soon be back with the next written update till then watch this episode of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” on the colors channel at 6:30 PM and stay tuned with us.

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