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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Episode 256 Written Update, 1st February 2022: Simar gets Gift


Sasural Simar Ka 2 Episode 256 Written Update, 1st February 2022: Simar gets Gift: Sasural Simar Ka 2, is the most appreciated serial it has been going on great ads Simar gets a challenge from Baadi Maa. But this challenge isn’t easy for her to be performing as Reema is there in a house for making Simar’s work more difficult. So Reema ruined the food pre[atred by Simar for all the guests. Then Simar is so tense and she use to find the solution for the problem in front of her. It isn’t easy for her to bring out the solution. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Arav and Vivaan are sheer to help her but when they both call a restaurant, no one is ready to help them as it is difficult. Then Simar gets a solution and she prepares food to serve in front of the guests. So we will see that Baadi Maa is happy that everything is on time and Simar did it well. Then there will be a moment when Baddi Maa offers food to Arav but he goes to Simar and tells Baadi Maa to make it eat to Simar also. Even there will be most awaited moment also.

Yes, you guess it right, Baadi Maa is impressed with the challenge done by Simar. So Baadi Maa is going to be given an appreciation coin and Necklace to her. But Simar tells her, “she doesn’t need this and she knows that you are now impressed with her. So I want you to forgive all the servants and return them to their job. I hope you will listen to me and I also know that you are kindhearted.” Then Simar apologizes to Baadi Maa for in behavior of servants. This makes her think about it and she also thinks that Sinar is doing all these things to return a job to the servants.

When Simar received a coin Reema is jealous and she has anger on yer face as she wants it to. Other than this we will also go to see that Chitra is going to be shown a video in front of all the family members, in which Gagan and Aditi are too close to each other. After which Baddi Maa and other family members are in shock. Aditi is tense to see all these things but we will see that Simar is going to defend Aditi and will support her too. And the episode ends here.

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