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Sasural Simar Ka 2, 9th September 2021, Written Update, Simar made 101 Modaks, Aarav Romantic Dance With Simar!


Today’s episode begins with Sandhya as she prepares Modak for Ganesh Puja. Reema comes to the kitchen to check Chitra. Here, Yamini Devi asks her to take her fourth oath. Simar says that she is ready for it saying that she can do anything for music. She asks her to rehearse every day at any cost. She asks her to always respect music. Simar says yes. Yamini then says that she can ask anything from her anything as a Gurudakshina after becoming her teacher. Simar accepts all oaths. She says that she is ready to give her anything in Gurudakshina. In the end, Yamini asks her to always keep music as her priority. She says yes to it.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Yamini gets happy seeing Simar that how she accepted all oaths without hesitation. Then she says that it is time to take her test about music lessons. Simar confidently says yes to give the test. Yamini Devi thinks in her mind that she wants them to get late at it’s Ganesh Puja at their house. She takes her tests. Later, she says that there is one more that is left. Simare feels worried and looks at Aarav who shakes her head. Simar feels confident and asks Yamini about another exam.

Chitra says to Sandhay that they are preparing Modak after having Bahus in her house. Riya sees them from outside the kitchen and notices Geetanjali Devi. She thinks if she caught her ruining Modak then it will not be good for her. Meanwhile, Vivaan comes to the kitchen and takes Reema from there with him. He says to her that he is going to meet her with the guests. Geetanjali Devi scolds Sandhya and Chitra for not preparing Modaks till now. Yamini asks her to sing a song using Sitar as she knows it well.

She asks her to sing involving all her emotions so that it will be able to touch feelings. Simar starts singing recalling all her moments with Aarav. She feels Aarav is near her while singing. After singing the song, Yamini Devi gives her marks in which she praises her. Simar takes her blessing along with Aarav. Yamini asks her to call Choti Maa. Aarav and Simar leave the place. Geetanjali greets the guests who ask about Simar and Aarav. Here, Aarav rushes to reach home. They reach home and Simar gives him an idea to enter the house. Watch the full episode of “Sasural Simar Ka 2” on Colors at 06:30 PM

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